Poem of The Week | Morabito by Kristoffer Ehrnström

3. morabito,

By Kristoffer Ehrnström

We’re in the restaurant at Piazza Carmine. We talk about gender norms but it smells like woman. Behind the sounds and spices coming from the kitchen there is a scent of woman in her voice and I’ve missed her 

I’ve missed myself through her 

I haven’t had a drink of alcohol in four years, not a cup of coffee 

I haven’t felt a woman’s warmth since I missed myself and stopped missing myself 

We’re talking with the dangers, addressing them as beings in need of balance in relation to each other. How one value correlates to another. We talk about masculinity and femininity as values and not properties. We talk about being men and women only in relation to each other. Otherwise we simply are, something. Into inbetween we are, 

We talk about theoretical physics. We talk about the universe. About books and laws. We talk about the universe in relation to laws. We talk about how organisms appear in the space they’ve been assigned. We talk about the contradiction of equality in relation to how our culture perceives it. Two equal organisms cannot share the same space without separating. Two equal organisms cannot share the same space, they must separate from one and another 

We eat dinner and share a dessert: chocolate-something, sticky cake 

you drink the coffee just before it burns, then you must continue, you must drink the entire cup within the same contrast, just as close to the fire you must drink your coffee, then you must keep on drinking coffee until the evening and the night and the sleep reboots into a day that hasn’t yet become self-consuming, that’s why you don’t drink wine, that’s why you don’t drink coffee, that’s why you avoid things that upsets the equilibrium of night, (that’s why you don’t share bed with strangers), that’s why your light will return somewhat more subtle

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