Crimeland | The Death of Kirstin Costas with Sophie Shanley

The year was 1984 and the place was Orinda, California, an affluent suburb of Berkeley.
One would be forgiven for thinking Kirstin Costas and Bernadette Protti had a lot in common: both were active members of their school community, both were members of the swim team and both were doing well both academically at Miramonte High School. Like many of their peers, their mutual goal was to make the Varsity cheerleading squad and enjoy the social perks that came with.
But on one fateful night an attempt by one of the duo to penetrate the most popular group in school would go horribly wrong, with tragic and shocking consequences.

On this epiode of Crimeland, Julie Jay chats with Sophie Shanley about the death of Kirstin Costas.

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