Crimeland | The Trial of Bernhard Goetz with Padraig Williams

New York City, December 22nd 1984. A 45-year-old white male, shoots four young black men on a downtown subway train after they surround him and ask for $5. A two week manhunt ensues, with many citizens championing this ‘Subway Vigilante’ for fighting back against what was at the time a crime epidemic. However as details of the incident emerge, a city is divided as to whether or not this was a man acting in self-defence, or whether this was in fact a racially motivated attempted slaughter. This week on Crimeland, we look at the trial of Bernhard Goetz.

Julie Jay (@juliejaycomedy) chats to Padraig Williams (@podgewills). If you have enjoyed this episode we would really appreciate if you could rate or review us on iTunes, and subscribe to the podcast wherever you listen to your podcasts.

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