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#82 | What Am Socialism?

Comebacks and remakes are all the rage right now! So it's no surprise that Socialism is making its own glam return to Western politics after having been assumed to be in the trash can of history. On What Am Politics this week, learn what's…

#67 | Courtney Love

‘He’s a hard act to follow. I love him and always will’ The queen of 90s grunge Courtney Love is the topic of this week’s Up To 90: was she destroyer of the greatest punk-rock band of the decade or misunderstood widow? Was she reckless…

NO POPCORN #007 | Sing Street

NO ENCORE returns with another deep dive into the world of cinema as powered by a musical theme. Dave Hanratty and David Higgins are joined by Norma Howard, who knows a thing or three about all things film, as they do an Irish movie for…

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