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5 Websites With a Style All of Their Own

It’s estimated that there are currently around 1.3 billion websites up and running in the world and over 3.8 billion people online across the globe at any one time. So this gives more than just an inkling about just how important it is to…

Survival of the Cruellest | Doomsday at 10

Doomsday was the third feature written and directed by Neil Marshall who had previously made Dog Soldiers and The Descent, two of the more interesting horror films of the 2000s. It’s an ambitious action thriller that blends familiar…

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An Open Letter to Hiring Managers

Dear Hiring Manager who was too busy playing Spider Solitaire on their computer to respond to my job application, I hope this letter finds you well. (I’m well too, thank you for asking). Here’s the deal. You probably don’t remember me,…

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