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Sexy Beasts #39 | Santa’s Elves

Every general needs his army and Santa’s Christmas army is comprised of miniature magical folks churning out billions of toys endlessly. They work their magic fingers down to nubs so some snot-nosed kid in Texas can get the latest fad toy.…

#69 | Seo Ciara Seo Ciara

As "Bliain na Gaeilge" draws to a close and we look back, one of the moments of Irish language activism that casts a long shadow is #NílSéCGL - it's not okay. The hashtag struck a chord with Irish speakers who were fed up of lazy criticisms…

Dolly Parton and Sequins | Dumplin Review

What you’ll make of Dumplin’, Netflix’s newest film release, may come down to your feelings about the music of Dolly Parton. In essence, this is an extended love letter to the Tennessee country music icon wrapped inside a sweet, but very…

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For Dara

An Garda Síochána’s most recently available ‘Strategy Statement’ for 2016-2018, readily available online, begins…