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Instagram Pick of the Week | Conor Nolan

We love Instagram. Why? Because it brings tonnes of visual art right to your finger tips. [email protected] stay up to date with our finds on our favourite app. You can find our other choices for Instagram Pick of the Week here. Want…

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Reviewables live at the vodafone comedy festival with Cian McGarrigle, Edwin Sammon, Ronan Grace, Erin McGathy, Damian Clark, Kevin McGahern -
HeadStuff Lectures #12 artwork -

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HeadStuff Lectures #11, July 5th, 2017, Dublin -

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Ireland’s Carbon Hoofprint

Living in Ireland today, you’d have to be a hermit not to have heard of the Happy Pear twins. This energetic duo have dominated the culinary scene in Ireland over the last few years, gaining attention for their delicious vegetarian food and…

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