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Colm and Daithí welcome Totally Irish host John Barker to the NO ENCORE presenter’s chair this week, as both Dave and Craig get a head start on the Christmas shopping. They miss a cracker, too; Paul Noonan drops by for a chat, the…

66 | Spice Girls with Valerie Loftus

Valerie Loftus of Stellar Magazine joins Alan and Sarah to talk about the most successful girl group of all time and inventors of feminism, the Spice Girls. We talk about which Spice Girls Valerie and Sarah saw themselves as, Geri's…

#67 | Nadine O’Regan

The Alison Spittle Show – Episode 67 – Nadine O’Regan In Episode 67 – recorded at HeadStuff HQ – Alison talks to broadcaster and journalist Nadine O’Regan about going on tour with David Gray, media storms, George Hook and changing times,…

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