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This week its Faolan Carey, a photographer with a sharp eye capturing the angles, shadows and details of Dublin. Follow him on Instagram @faolancares, or check out his work here.

What is Instagram for you?

For myself, and I’m sure for a lot of other photographers, Instagram is one of the only places we have to share our work with an audience that’s interested. Gallery space is hard to come by and on other social media, people just aren’t paying attention.

Why/when did you decide to start sharing your work on there?

I decided to start sharing my work a little over a year ago. I wanted to use my page as a portfolio at my fingertips. It wasn’t till later that I found the community of other like minded photographers using it that made Instagram something more for me. They’ve always been supportive and have made me see things from another perspective, ultimately helping me to develop my photography.

How would you describe your style?

My style seems to be changing constantly but I’ll always stick to photographing bright colours, harsh shadows and quirky people in the street. It’s probably a good thing that how I go about it is ever evolving but these are evidently my favourite subjects and probably the most solid aspect of my style.

What equipment do you use?

I only shoot film, and I’ve got quite a few cameras, I’ll start with my favourites. The two SLR cameras that I use are my Nikon F3 and my Nikon F4, I love the way they feel and handle, I rarely bring out both at the same time but I generally have one of them at my side at all times. I also use a Voigtlander Bessa R3A a lot when I’m in town, it’s lens is super sharp and the camera fits right in my pocket and with a 1:1 viewfinder it’s perfect for street photography. Finally for all my medium format photography I use my Yashica Mat 124g, it’s a TLR with beautiful 80mm lens on it and is a pleasure to use for portraits. Usually I’ll bring two cameras around with me one sporting black and white film and the other colour, just in case.

Who has been or currently is an influence on you?

For sure my biggest influences have been @adennofing and @darraghhubz. They’re two of my closest friends, who are also photographers, they have a different style but have always made me see things differently and have taught me a lot about photography and my own developing style. However all of my followers and and all the people I follow have been an influence on my photography, to narrow it down to just a few people wouldn’t seem right.

What are your must-follow accounts on Instagram?

There’s too many for me to list, @adennofing and @darraghhubz for photos and @pizza_playboy for some sick artwork. Honestly, there’s so much great stuff out there that I could list people all day. The only way to find a “must follow account” is to find it yourself.


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